Nashi Gold Mini Trio

Nashi Gold Juice (1x250ml)

Nashi Gold Cider (1×750 ml 8%),

Nashi Gold Liquor (1x200ml 30%)




Nashi Gold Mini Trio:

Nashi Gold Juice (1x250ml)

Nashi Gold juice made with 100% Asian pears from Kent and distilled. 

Nashi Gold is good for your health and may help to prevent hangovers if consumed before alcohol. But remember, probably the best solution to avoid a hangover is not to drink it at all … but we will leave that decision up to you!

Nashi Gold Cider (1×750 ml 8%)

Nashi Gold Pear Cider is refreshing and fruity. It’s slight fizz and sparkle make a great alternative to wine.

Best served chilled like white wines. It is particularly good with spicy foods such as Indian cuisine or seafood.

Nashi Gold Liquor  (1x200ml 30%)

Nashi Gold Liquor made with 100% Asian pears from Kent and distilled. 

Nashi Gold Liquor is our Asian Pear juice distilled. This drink is a perfect alternative to port. It can be drunk as an aperitif or after dinner with cheese. But also mixes well with ginger ale or ginger wine.

Taste is similar to whiskey or apple brandy but not as strong as a spirit.

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