Nashi Gold Pear Juice x3 Bottles

3 x 250ml glass bottles

The pure juice of a European pear variety crossed with an Asian/Nashi Pear. Sweet and refreshing with many health benefits.

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Asian Pear Juice:

health benefits and evidence

What is Nashi Gold?

Nashi Gold is is the pure juice from a European pear crossed with an Asian pear. In other words imagine a European pear “breeding” with an Asian pear and the following “baby pears” are created – Papple, Piqa-Boo and Piqa-Rio. Our juice is made from 100% of this combination, and this fruit is grown and produced on our fruit farm in Kent.

Are Asian Pears a cross between Apples & Pears?

No, although Asian pears are very firm, crispy, sweet, and are roundish, they have an entirely different texture and taste to apples. They are often also known as Oriental pears, Chinese pears, Korean pears, Nashi pears, and are sometimes referred to as “apple-pears”. But ultimately they are pears!

What makes Asian Pear Juice so special?

Research has suggested that there are many health benefits related to Asian pear juice. The papers listed below have indicated the juice may alleviate an alcohol-induced hangover, if consumed prior to drinking, by altering the metabolism of alcohol. They concluded the Asian pear juice acts on the key alcohol metabolising enzymes: alcohol dehydrogenase (ALDH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ADH). As a result this speeds up the alcohol metabolism and eliminates the absorption of alcohol. They recommend 220ml as the correct “dose” for prevention. Further research lists other health benefits that most pear varieties have which include: great source of Vitamin C, lowering of cholesterol, relieving constipation and anti-inflammatory effects.

What does this all mean?

It means that Nashi Gold is good for your health and may help to prevent hangovers if consumed before alcohol. But remember, probably the best solution to avoid a hangover is not to drink it at all … but we will leave that decision up to you!

Here’s what the experts say:

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